About Us

Our Vision

Math4me started with a unique vision. Our journey began in 2010 with the goal of providing families with the most effective, affordable and flexible tutoring service. Driven by young dedicated individuals, our organization began to expand rapidly as more students became aware of our services and successful results. The Math4me team consists of top academic university students and scholars who look forward to making a meaningful change in our students’ lives. What was once a single location serving only a few families, has now expanded to a network of multiple locations in various cities across Canada (Lower Mainland and beyond).

Math4me’s vision is to make a positive impact within the community and upon the lives of our students while providing students with the most affordable support in all subjects. By providing affordable tutoring we hope to make academic support accessible and allow families to invest in a range of extracurricular programs contributing to well-rounded character building. Our mentors/tutors express a keen interest in sharing their knowledge with others, and have excelled academically in their university endeavors. Our mentors/tutors are driven to help young individuals face challenges and build confidence by providing them with guidance and tools to help them become independent and critical thinkers who will be shaping our community and future.

Our Business

When it comes to providing mentorship for students, we strive to provide flexible and accommodative tutoring. We strongly believe that by providing students the attention they need with methods that are effective and proven, we can help them in reaching their full potential to pursue their dreams, improve their confidence and achieve the academic success they deserve. The Math4me environment is meant to provide students with access to convenient and reliable tutoring, while specifically focusing on the student’s school curriculum, course load and individual needs.

Our Mentors

Math4me’s mentors (aka tutors) are dedicated and professionally trained university students; academically, they are the best and the brightest. Rigorous training complemented with a passion to see students succeed is what sets them apart. With a respectful and adaptive teaching style, our mentors motivate all students to develop into lifelong learners.

Our Leadership

Math4me’s leadership consists of driven individuals who have won scholarships and awards such as Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, HSBC Business Leadership Award, and SFU Student Impact Award. The constant devotion and dedication that Math4me’s leadership team has towards changing students’ lives has played an instrumental role in Math4me’s continued success. Our Curriculum Research team includes University Scholars such as Ivneet Bains who’s been awarded the prestigious ‘UBC Major Entrance Scholarship’ and ‘BC Principles and Vice Principles Association Scholarship’ for Ivneet’s tireless commitment to learning and mentoring.