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Testimonials and Reviews

“The mentors teach us more ways of answering problems than we learn at school. Coming here has made me feel more confident with the material that I learn.” – R.C. (Grade 10)

“It helps reinforce ideas and concepts so when I go to class, I feel more prepared when I take tests.” – A.A. (Grade 11)

“It has really helped with my spellings. I used to get lower grades but now I’ve been getting higher grades. It also improved my math ability. Math4me taught me better ways to solve math problems.” – P.B. (Grade 6)

“Math4me helped boost up my math grade. Also I used to be scared to get a question wrong, but now when the teachers ask in class, I’m not scared to put my hand up and answer the question.” – R.J. (Grade 9)

“I now have a better understanding of what I am doing now in math and it is getting easier to do.” – M.N. (Grade 10)

“M4M helped me get good grades. M4M helped me learn new stuff. M4M helped me improve my Math.” – K.M. (Grade 5)

“Math4me has helped me understand what I’m doing, b/c before I didn’t really understand, mostly math. Math4me has also made science more tolerable, mostly because what I’m learning makes sense now. It really improved my humanities and science grades.” – G.D. (Grade 8)

“Math4me has helped me increase my mark in many subjects. Math4me has also helped me learn different ways to approach problems. Math4me has helped me grow as a student.” – H.S. (Grade 8)

“Math4me has helped me finish my homework on time and has even helped me get ahead in my subjects.” – S.P. (Grade 10)

“I’ve been taking Pre-Calc 11 online and learning the new material was very difficult. Math4me helped me understand concepts so that I was able to complete my assignments with high marks.” – A.B. (Grade 11)

“I’ve learned stuff ahead of time and most of the stuff at school is now familiar. The homework is easier most of the time now.” – T.S. (Grade 5)

“Math4me has helped me improve in my main subjects, such as Chemistry, Physics and Math. Previously, I have been doing poorly in these classes but Math4me helped. Mentors really helped in my classes such as Math and Physics and I was able to regain my confidence.” – T.T. (Grade 11)

“Math4Me helped me learn new ways to get to answers that my teacher did not teach us. Those ways are simple and easily understandable” – S.B. (Grade 9)

“Tutoring has never been so much fun. My mentor is a really good tutor and knows how to teach and because of him I have been getting good marks at school.” – J.K. (Grade 8)

“I understand socials better because of my mentor as he goes more into detail with certain things than the teacher does in school.” – B.M. (Grade 10)

“I passed math and improved my grades.” – S.G. (Grade 11)

“Math4me helped me with my academics.” – L.M. (Grade 11)

“Math4me helped me get my grades up.” – G.K. (Grade 11)

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