Our Program

Math4me is a social entrepreneurship program designed to develop necessary skills among students of all ages to become successful leaders of tomorrow. We provide a motivational environment for the students to explore and strengthen their potential. Thus, we all share a similar passion for learning and a sincere drive to help your child succeed.

Academic Tutoring

Math4me helps primary and secondary school students (Grade 1-12) to develop a strong academic foundation by providing affordable tutoring in Mathematics, Science, English (Language Arts) and Humanities (Social Studies).

Our professionally trained mentors ensure your child’s success by implementing the “Math4me Method” to explain concepts in depth and accurately. Our passionate and experienced mentors diligently work with students to prepare them for their tests and exams. We gear our academic tutoring towards instilling confidence within students and preparing them for their Post-Secondary endeavours through improving their grades.

At Math4me, we follow the most recent and updated curriculum laid out by the BC Ministry of Education (in British Columbia), the Manitoba Ministry of Education (in Manitoba) and by the Ontario Ministry of Education (in Ontario). The inviting environment within our campuses allows students to be able to better focus and achieve a greater understanding of academic concepts. Moreover, we create a customized program designed to best fit the needs of individual students. With a firm focus on helping students improve their grades, students are supported academically to perform well at their tests/quizzes and provincial exams.

The Math4me Method

Our approach is to use sophisticated techniques to determine, with great accuracy, what a student knows and does not know. We tailor-make a personalized and prescriptive learning program. Each student follows the program with the help of specially trained Math4me tutors who provide instruction—and lots of warm encouragement. For proof of progress, we rely on the student’s report card, independent tests, and parent testimony to measure the speed and magnitude of improvement in skills, content and attitude.

  • Personal Skill Development: Various students struggle with the ability to achieve high-grades while still possessing the skills needed to be confident and independent individuals. While the primary goal at Math4me is to assist our students academically, we also strive to help students improve skills directly correlated to their academic achievements. We recognize that to become life-long learners, our students must be confident critical thinkers with superb time management and problem solving abilities. Through direct intervention with students’ grades, along with various academic activities that take place at Math4me, we see students’ hard work reflect in their work-ethic. At Math4me, students’ lives improve as we provide them with the necessary skill-set to create a promising future for themselves.
  • Scholarship information: Every year millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed. With proper guidance and precise information, this money can be utilized to fund post secondary education for numerous students. Math4me is run by enthusiastic leaders who have experience going through the Canadian scholarship system and who are motivated to produce more scholars from our community. Every student who works hard deserves a head start to his/her post-secondary career. Hence, Math4me provides them with all the information needed to apply and attain multiple scholarships.
  • Mentorship (Academic and Career Guidance): At Math4me we guide our students to make informed decisions regarding their education and career. Various workshops and skilled speakers from different universities will provide your child with comprehensive post secondary and high school education information. We will steer your child in the right direction regarding course selection and career choices, to ensure his/her success in the future.